He Wants to Jizz on Your Face, but Not Why You Think [Jezebel]

girl smiles facial

“Cum on me, not in me” was a popular sex educator slogan as far back as the late 1980s. Ejaculating on a woman’s stomach, however, usually meant that the camera wouldn’t let the audience see the actress’ expression. But if the male actor came on her face, the viewer could see two things at once: evidence of male pleasure (symbolized by the ejaculation) and the equally important sign that a woman’s reaction to that pleasure mattered…

…the intense appeal of facials in porn (and real life) was about men’s desire for that same experience of being validated as desirable, as good, as “not dirty.” For a young man raised with the sense that his body – and especially his penis – is “disgusting”, a woman’s willingness to accept a facial is an intensely powerful source of affirmation.

I think of the “facial” as a sort of esteem boosting act for the giver, but not necessarily degrading to the receiver. The thought that a person lusts for me so bad that they beg to wear a mask of my jizz is quite a turn on.

This desire to be reaffirmed of your worth can be extended to any sex act and applies to all genders. We all love to be loved like we love to give love.

For further analysis on the subject of facial ejaculation make sure to read the full Jezebel article.

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The Condom Mandate [Update]

porn scene with condom

An ordinance sponsored by the AIDS  Healthcare Foundation that requires LA porn productions to use condoms inorder to receive a film permit was tentatively approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council. Today a second vote gave the final approval. The law will go into effect in 90 days, at which point the LAPD can perform spot checks on permitted sets.

The Safer Sex in the Adult Industry Act will not affect films shot in studio. It applies only to permitted locations, like rented houses. I.e., it’ll apply to most sets. Though, I presume some will go guerilla style and film without a permit.

For a while now, the Cal/OSHA and AHF have interpreted a work-safety regulation already in the law books to mean unprotected sex on porn sets to be illegal. Before the passing of this new ordinance that interpretation was barely enforced.

The industry has been vocal on its anti-condom stance, which is disconcerting from an education and health perspective but sensible in a free-speech context.

In regards to health, self-regulation in the industry, such as requiring performers to have STD tests every month, has worked for many if not most. Over the decades HIV cases in the industry have been scarce. No doubt, requiring condoms would give performers the best protection. But it’s worth discussing wether a condom mandate is worth its implications.

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Hexed by Mellisa Clarke

Mellisa Clarke GIF

Fuck Yeah Mellisa Clarke

Attention, world. Mellisa Clarke melt hearts using a complete arsenal of seduction: from glam rock hottie to fairy tale princess.

Mel @ FrontArmy [<- pics + posters + vids w/ bad music]

Official Website

 Nude Princess Mellisa Clarke

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Submit to the Spotlight

sex in the dark

I might not have indulged in much porn titles last year, but I’m okay with certifying James Deen and Kristina Rose’s fuck in the dark in Manhandled 4 the best sex scene of ’11.

Belladonna performs in and directs Manhandled 4, a rough-sex porno exploring women’s submissive fantasies. Anti-porn disciples may never get their heads around a movie like this one.

Could they understand the thrill of submitting to Belladonna’s light in Deen and Rose’s scene? Instead of pulling focus or choosing a frame, Belladonna uses a spotlight to direct the viewer’s eye in an otherwise pitch-black scene. When the circle of light hits their breathless faces we can still sense hips thrusting. Seconds later all that is visible are genitalia, but we can feel their thrashed expressions. It’s a melody of subtlety and lucidity. It responds to complaints of hardcore pornography being too in-your-face, then assaults the voyeur with what they’re aching for.

More importantly, the scene makes the viewer a submissive participant. You may be jerking off, but Belladonna is calling the shots. You’ll see what she wants you to see. You’ll get turned on on her terms. It’ll last as long she wants. And you will like it.

The spotlight scene is one of the most refreshing and affective in contemporary porn. That’s not to say that the rest of the scenes in Manhandled aren’t superb. The London Keyes and Jordan Ash scene is particularly harrowing, in a good way.

Manhandled 4 is an appropriate pick-me-up to being burnt-out on all the X-Art prettiness.

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“We should do this more often.”

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

from Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Rebloggers offer cute translations like “o god i cant breathe” and “You’re doing a really good job.”

According to the English subtitles, she’s saying, “You’re like an ant.” But that’s not plainly romantic out of context.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance currently available on Netflix Watch Instantly

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You May Now Kiss the Glans Penis

blonde kisses penis head

mystery gif via for her eyes only

 Till Facial Do Us Part



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Sex is Only a Greeting Away

and Fuck?

Look out for this greeting card at a good gift shop, because it’s missing from Lady Pilot LetterpressEtsy store.

I can attest to its effectiveness on the literate. It’ll at least amuse a potential fuckee.

Let any woman start a sex conversation with me, and it’s natural for me to go to bed with her to finish it, all in due season. Unfortunately no woman makes any particular start with me, so I go to bed by myself

-  Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Society needs this type of ice-breaker. A digitization of this card into an e-card has the potential to relieve sexual tension worldwide.



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I want to objectify this couple

Is it wrong that I want to move in with them just so they can frolic and fuck in my background? They can be an immersive and lively 1970s art piece. Friends and lovers will come over and say, “Can Devendra and Rebecca join us?” “Let’s ask.” ; )

Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House – Director’s Cut

Starring real life couple Devendra Banhart and Rebecca Schwartz, the premise of the Oliver Peoples 2011 campaign is an exploration of authentic intimacy and sexuality. The love affair is explored in the one-of-a-kind masterpiece by architect John Lautner: Rainbow House. The contemporary California setting proved to be a perfect atmosphere to showcase the natural chemistry of the young, intriguing couple. Produced with acclaimed photographer and aspiring director Lisa Eisner, the short film will debut in early 2011 on the Oliver Peoples website.

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∞ New York City Will Mandate Sex Education [NYT]

For the first time in nearly two decades, students in New York City’s public middle and high schools will be required to take sex-education classes beginning this school year, using a curriculum that includes lessons on how to use a condom and the appropriate age for sexual activity.

My primary worry is that the curriculum (HealthSmart and Reducing the Risk) will focus too much on abstinence. Of course it’s the best way to avoid pregnancy and STIs. But is it realistic?

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The Streets Aren’t Safe

It’s super hard to avoid human sexuality today. Billboards, HBO, the Internet: they all glisten with smutty smut. As you’re well aware, with today’s accessible technology, it doesn’t take much effort for anyone to indulge in sexually explicit entertainment. Preventative measures such as pixelation, NSFW tags/warning messages, rating systems, and filtering software have helped to curb the excitement. But even with all the censoring society imposes, this ‘sex’ thing isn’t losing strength. Soon enough hard cocks will be part of the backdrop as you walk down the street. Actually, it’s already happening. This I learned on the corner of Hollywood and Las Palmas:

explicit uncensored porn on newsstand

That magazine cover featuring the preceding moment to fellatio was on display on a sidewalk-newsstand in full daylight. Following a screening of Barry Lyndon (a three-hour movie) at the Egyptian, it remained untouched. No one cared or noticed, and this made me happy. The newsstand’s bold display was most likely not intended by the vendor. The pornography’s placement was probably left by a mischievous passerby. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if the vendor was indifferent, and the only people who noticed it were the ones who were looking, and as they saw it they thought nothing of it, expressing the same non-reaction they had to every other magazine on sale.

It reminds me of the pirated DVD stores I visited in South America, some of which had their uncovered porn section a few feet away from Spongebob.

I’ve been ready to call it quits on concealment. If a kid can catch a glimpse of a blowjob on Hollywood Blvd and more on a computer screen, what’s the point of hiding our collective stash? Sex and porn are out of the bag. It makes sense to be frank at this point.


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