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The Condom Mandate [Update]

porn scene with condom

An ordinance sponsored by the AIDS  Healthcare Foundation that requires LA porn productions to use condoms inorder to receive a film permit was tentatively approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council. Today a second vote gave the final approval. The law will go into effect in 90 days, at which point the LAPD can perform spot checks on permitted sets.

The Safer Sex in the Adult Industry Act will not affect films shot in studio. It applies only to permitted locations, like rented houses. I.e., it’ll apply to most sets. Though, I presume some will go guerilla style and film without a permit.

For a while now, the Cal/OSHA and AHF have interpreted a work-safety regulation already in the law books to mean unprotected sex on porn sets to be illegal. Before the passing of this new ordinance that interpretation was barely enforced.

The industry has been vocal on its anti-condom stance, which is disconcerting from an education and health perspective but sensible in a free-speech context.

In regards to health, self-regulation in the industry, such as requiring performers to have STD tests every month, has worked for many if not most. Over the decades HIV cases in the industry have been scarce. No doubt, requiring condoms would give performers the best protection. But it’s worth discussing wether a condom mandate is worth its implications.


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Hexed by Mellisa Clarke

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Fuck Yeah Mellisa Clarke

Attention, world. Mellisa Clarke melt hearts using a complete arsenal of seduction: from glam rock hottie to fairy tale princess.

Mel @ FrontArmy [<- pics + posters + vids w/ bad music]

Official Website

 Nude Princess Mellisa Clarke

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Lets go riding

More from set…


human pony

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