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Manga Meets World

manga character cut out with noodles

Here’s something fun: draw a character in action, cut him or her out, and creatively place them in a real-world environment. This mixed artform is known as “PaperChild,” and it obviously has the potential for sexiness.

We’ll focus on the work of PaperChild’s most prominent artist, Yukinojou Sasaki.


@Sankaku Channel


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Richardson Magazine A4

Issue A4 of Richardson Magazine has at last left the printers. It’s appropriate that Sasha Grey beautifies the cover; a new issue comes out as often as a new porn star is queened.* The last three cover girls: Alisha Klass, Jenna Jameson, and Tera Patrick.

Also, the website has been retouched. Gone are the flash previews of the magazine’s insides. (See the lovely montage video for a peek at the back issues.)  Now a boxy layout links to complimentary content, including interviews with Sasha Grey, rough sex clips featuring Grey, a public cervix announcement, Carolee Schemann’s sex art, and a full length experimental film from Valie Export.

Richardson Magazine | A4 | Buy

Clip from Valie Export’s Invisible Adversaries <- free stream

*I don’t mean facesitting. And Sasha Grey may be a revolutionary rather than a monarch.

P.S. I hate when magazines censor their covers. If I buy a sexy mag, I want the outside to be just as liberated as the inside.

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Gushing in the UK

Aftermath of wifes gushing orgasm – by Eroticexposures

Well, the UK bureaucrats are coming around. No, they still deplore “extreme” porn and theBBFCensors still rule. But female ejaculation is no longer considered urination; it’s now legal to record. Thank Britain’s pioneering female porn director Anna Span. When the BBFC rejected Span’s latest, Women Love Porn, for scenes of squirting pussies, she fought back and succeeded.

The whole story:
In The U.K., Female Ejaculation Is Not Obscene (sfgate – Violet Blue)
Anna Span Diary

Subvert unjust laws, people.

Squirt Week [missing link]
Is this Extreme?

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